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Welcome to Metavision

The Metavision Institute is a vibrant community for holistic education;
our methods are rooted in conscious and spiritual awareness;
while our teachings are geared towards mental wellbeing,
our reach extends from healing despair to
unleashing the power of human potential.

Are you ready to change the way you see the world?

The Metavision Institute has grown out of the need to heal the effects of living in a fragmented world—made starkly visible in the rapidly rising statistics regarding mental ill health. To start, we see the universe as sacred, with laws that govern and connect everything. To see the human being through the lens of eco-spirituality, soul and body awareness and as a part of a sacred universe helps to heal despair, depression, isolation and alienation. Empowering one's place in the scheme of things, giving purpose and meaning—even in the face of the most difficult situations. The unique combination of skills that form the basis of the Professional Training in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy have arisen from many years of searching, studying and applying holistic approaches to these very issues by the Metavision Institute's founder Dr Christina Nielsen (Chinese Medicine).

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2024 Courses Now Enrolling
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Graduate Diploma of Counselling (Holistic Practice)

12 Months - Enrolments for 2024 open

The aim of holistic counselling is to promote critical questioning and reflection on the human condition and spirituality, and their relationship to wellbeing.

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Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Holistic Practice)

2 Years - Enrolments for 2024 open

The Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Holistic Practice) course is designed to develop specialised, advanced knowledge and skills in holistic counselling and psychotherapy and process oriented methodologies and skills.

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Specialist Training in Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy

2 Years

This post-graduate equivalent Specialist Training Program (STP) is a rigorous first class counselling training and industry qualification for professional work or private practice as a counsellor/psychotherapist. You will develop an enriched understanding of the subtle relationship between yourself and your world. These insights will expand your perspective, ensuring your work will also help others to connect more deeply with themselves and their communities.

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Holistic Ecotherapy

Free Introduction and Online Course

Find your place in nature - and feel empowered with connection

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Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate

6 Months

This course will enrich your life by cultivating and sharpening your communication skills from a holistic point of view; necessary both at work and at home.

It is ideal for individuals, or alternative holistic therapists who want to enrich their lives and practice by learning basic counselling skills from a holistic point of view.

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Specialist Training in Holistic Counselling

1 Year

This training develops specialised practical skills in holistic counselling, designed to support the healing, growth and empowerment of individuals in today's interconnected world.

It develops process-oriented skills that can be applied to a wide range of mental, emotional and spiritual conditions, and a living understanding of the human as a being of body, soul and spirit.

Our Holistic Approach

Seeing the human being as a whole that is more than the sum of its parts is essential to psychotherapeutic healing

Our holistic focus puts the human back at the centre of clinical practice and provides the practitioner (or individual) with the depth and confidence they need when dealing with complex issues and adversity.

Today, people want a more holistic approach to their wellbeing. If a person has a crisis, they know it’s not just a problem that’s affecting their mind, but one that involves their heart, body, soul and spirit. Counselling and psychotherapy are most effective when conducted in the context of the whole person's wellbeing, not just in their mental health.

“To have the privilege to meet another human being in a soul encounter as we do in a therapeutic and facilitatory capacity we need to be alive to the whole human being in space and time where spirit and matter and the past present and future all meet."

Why Metavision?

Studying with us you will:

Benefit from our individualised and experiential approach to education
Learn and experience an exceptional holistic framework
Make important connections and meet like-minded people
Gain a useful and valuable qualification.


and above all you will:

Grow to know yourself better
Improve your awareness, confidence and communication skills
Develop a tool kit to work professionally as a counsellor / psychotherapist
Learn and grow in a supportive, nurturing environment.


"Most importantly though I was awakened and found the self I had been looking for. It was scary and beautiful all at once and something I will be forever grateful for" (Tania Jones, Tamworth)

Alyona Kobevka

Studying at Metavision

A student's experience

My experience with Metavision has been illuminating, healing, and deeply transformative. The two-year post-graduate training has not only given me a solid foundation from which to start my private practice, but it has also enriched my personal life in many ways. The Metavision staff have been consistently supportive with the complexity of my changing life circumstances throughout the course — from being flexible with assignment extensions and providing options for paying off the course, to genuinely modeling the importance of self-care throughout intensives and attending to personal needs empathetically. It was a challenging journey for me emotionally, but I am so grateful that I did it. I would highly recommend Metavision for anyone seeking a holistic approach for their own psycho-spiritual development and for working with others therapeutically.

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