Traversing the Rainbow

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3 x 2 hrs

Traversing the Rainbow

Course Coordinator: Deanne Reyes

A Process-Oriented Approach to Working with Altered States

Traversing the Rainbow with Elsa Henderson

A 3-part series on working with altered states of consciousness

Suitable for: Anyone

Cost: $390

Dates: Saturday 10th September, Saturday 17th September & Saturday 24th September 2022

9am - 11am AEST each day

We each hold the ability to experience a variety of states of consciousness, from the mundane to the profound. These states give us access to a spectrum of feelings, insights and ways of knowing, and can invite us into our wholeness. Yet, depending on the culture we live in, and the family system we grew up in we may learn to favor certain states and marginalize others. In doing so we turn against part of our nature and miss an opportunity to connect with other insights and ways of knowing.

Altered states are those that deviate from our normal or accepted state of consciousness. We all experience altered states from dreaming, being in love, in awe, spacing out, feeling flat, inspired, scrolling through social media, numbing out, grieving, etc. Within each state is an opportunity waiting to be discovered that can support our innate wholeness.

Some altered states we may reach for longingly and perceive as separate from us, leading to addictive tendencies, projections, or patterns in our relationships. Other states we may experience as happening to us, such as feeling frozen, stuck, or flat.

When we are able to work with our varying states we can connect with the resources within them. Being able to work with different states can deepen our capacity and help us perceive more of what is going on in ourselves and with others.

This class will cover:

  • Creating a container - How to create a safe/sacred space that can hold and support varying states of consciousness.
  • Resources and practices- to stay anchored when working with these states.
  • Skills and metaskills - for cultivating fluidity in moving between states
  • Meta-communication - How to cultivate a witness perspective and hold a dual awareness between states

Each class we will include time for inner work and reflection, a presentation of some theory, and experiential work in pairs.

Each session will include:

  • Reflection activities
  • Theory, metaphor, and cases
  • Experiential exercises
  • Discussion

This class is for you if:

  • You’re an awareness explorer
  • You’re curious about your own altered states
  • You’re drawn to mystical or creative experiences
  • You’re looking to find greater ease in moving between moods, attitudes and perspectives
  • You feel stuck in a limited state of mind and are looking to mix things up
  • You work with clients who are dynamic and seeking to experience more of their innate diversity


Part 1, 10th September: Orienting to the Terrain - Recognizing what's altered and what’s not

  • Recognizing altered states
  • Consciousness continuum
  • Grounding to work with altered states
  • Altered states as a resource

Part 2, 17th September: Peaks and Valleys - Working with the little ups and downs

  • Mapping your own consciousness continuum
  • Working with high and low dreams
  • Metacommunication and tracking

Part 3, 24th September: Harmonizing with what arises- Navigating the continuum

  • Navigating states in everyday life
  • Harmonizing different states
  • Integration

Cost: $390 for 3 part series - 2 hours each


Dates: 10th, 17th & 24th September 2022
Time-restricted recordings offered if unable to make one of the days.

Course Faculty


Elsa Henderson

MA and Diplomate in Process-Oriented Psychology; BA in Anthropology