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“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education.”


Why Study With Metavision?

Becoming a holistic counsellor and psychotherapist is a rewarding and enriching pathway to a soulful career.

Studying Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy is a pathway to personal growth as much as it is a pathway to a rich and fulfilling working life. Our courses offer the perfect blend of short intensives on-campus and online study.

We are currently offering our intensives using a hybrid learning approach, with the option to attend online or in-person during COVID.

Study full time or enquire about our flexible, part-time options.

Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or semester payment plans available.

  • Exceptional holistic framework blending Process Oriented Psychology and Anthroposophy
  • Inspired by the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and the new sciences of Neuropsychology, Biology and Quantum Physics
  • PACFA-accredited courses and pathways to professional practice in counselling and psychotherapy
  • TEQSA-accredited postgraduate courses with strong employment outcomes
  • Strong peer group support
  • Nurturing learning environment, with attentive academic teachers and study assistants
  • High quality of teaching material and staff
  • Transformative courses promote personal growth
  • Lively alumni network
  • Located in the Southern Highlands, close to Sydney, Australia.

Our Teaching Style

Inner work and developing self awareness are central to our approach.

We use meditation, journaling and other expressive, creative activities to enhance student learning.

Our approach to learning blends academic theory with experiential work. Students will engage in practical exercises individually, one on one and in small groups with the support and supervision of our teaching staff.

We don’t have a ‘manualised approach’ relying on prescribed practices but rather develop skills to read the unique situation present at each encounter. Our focus is on developing knowledge and skills to read the signals that point the way forward for each person, situation or setting.

Deep listening, deep democracy and humbleness in wisdom are skills to be learned and practiced in the classroom. Theory is brought from a range of master teachers who have gone before us. We stand on their shoulders to find appropriate ways forward for the times in which we live.

How to Apply

Applying to study in one of Metavision Institute's holistic counselling or psychotherapy courses is a straightforward process. The steps are listed below. When enrolments are open, there is a link available on the course page to enquire about the course. Our administration staff have completed one of our trainings and are well equipped to answer any questions you might have. Enrolments are open to mature students in Australia, or via online study. However, the experiential nature of our courses means that attendance at timetabled workshop intensives is vital to course completion. General enquiries can be made here

Apply Submit application for course

Complete the application form, pay the $175 application fee and schedule and interview.

Complete Interview

Once the interview has been conducted you will receive a letter of offer.

Letter of Offer Receive offer and Student Welcome Pack

Acceptance of Offer Submit the necessary enrolment forms

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