The Founder

Dr Christina Nielsen Ch. Med.

Founder, Academic Director & Managing Director

As a child I breathed in the beauty and living reality of an interconnected world of nature. It became my inspiration and my solace. Now as I look back over my life’s path, I see it has also been my guide towards synthesis, interconnection and wholeness.


For Holistic therapy, central to my work to carry the impulse of healing needed in our times of isolation, separation and exploitation, I have found it essential to heal the mind/ body split. This split has been carefully cultivated by our scientific paradigm in the medical and psychological main stream professions for a long time. Essential to healing this split, soul (originally synonymous with psyche) as an activity, not an entity, must be restored to its place of importance. Soul enlivenment breathes life into body awareness and interiority to spiritual knowing. The healing impulse needed in our times is towards soul consciousness. This links each one of us with our own journey principal (our individual essence) with the planet and with our global community. Soul consciousness can act like a sense that links the intelligence of the head with that of the heart thereby healing the mind/body split.

The central search for holism running though my life has shaped what I have chosen to study and develop. From my early dissatisfaction with Social Work I turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Spiritual Science of a Western esoteric tradition and Process Oriented Psychology (Mindell). These have helped to integrate eastern and western streams and overcome the mind/ body split. The Quantum Mind work of Arnold Mindell and associates have introduced me to Quantum Physics and the new sciences arising from Quantum Physics. The new science brings a scientific understanding of subtle energy and forces which underpins and supports holism and interconnection of all of existence, fundamentally challenging the Newtonian based science paradigm and countering the reductionist material view that created the split. Support from the new science for what I know and experience from my work and study over many years is exciting and confirming.

The ever increasing number of voices who are calling for change to our dominant culture’s way of thinking and behaving give me courage to also stand up and speak out. I wish to be part of the change that honours the mystery of life, the human spirit and the return of the wisdom of Sophia and Gaia, our living earth.

Christina Nielsen's Project

The Metavision Model is explained in greater detail, in a project written by Christina Nielsen for her Process Work Diploma here

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