Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the costs of your programs?

Fee information can be found in the Fees section of each course page.

Do you have any payment plan options?

Yes, Metavision does offer you Course Payment Plans.  You can choose to pay by semester, quarterly, monthly or fortnightly, by credit card or direct transfer.  A monthly administration fee may apply to payment plans.  You will be required to select your payment option and method of payment as part of your enrolment process.

Will I be eligible for Austudy or other Centrelink benefits?

We can certainly provide you with documentation to support your application to Centrelink. This process is then between you and Centrelink.

Can I apply for FEE-HELP to pay for my course fees?

Unfortunately, at the moment Metavision is not an approved FEE-HELP provider. However, we do have payment options available to allow you to spread course fee payments across the duration of your studies.

Do I get recognition of prior learning (RPL) for my previous degrees?

We do consider your previous educational qualifications and work experiences. During your Application Process you will have an interview with the Academic Director and this is the time that RPL will be considered.

How many people are together in the classroom?

Under normal circumstances, we like to keep class size to around 30. We may need to change this at short notice as a result of COVID restrictions.

What happens if there are days I can’t attend an Intensive?

An Intensive is the most critical component of your total study program. To meet PACFA and TEQSA requirements you will need to attend 80% of the intensives over your study period.

We need to know that you are unable to attend as early as possible so we can work with you to ensure you have access to the key learnings. If you require additional tutoring as a result of missing an intensive you are responsible for the costs involved.

How will I know that I have been accepted in one of your courses?

As soon as you complete your Application Form, we will be in contact by phone to make your appointment for an interview. After your interview we will confirm your entry into the program.

Do I get regular feedback on my study?

Yes you do. Feedback is added to the grades on your written work. These are all stored on our E-Learning platform. There are also components of oral exams and counselling supervision sessions that you receive feedback on.

What type of computer skills do I need?

As much of our program is via an online learning environment, you need to have a good working knowledge of the Internet, word processing software such as MS Word, the creation of PDFs and uploading and downloading files, including video files.

What is the Foundational Counselling Skills Bridging Course? Why is this course necessary?

As we do not teach the foundational counselling skills in the course because we dive right into our holistic approach., foundational skills are a requirement prior to starting the course. This bridging course is for those who have not studied Counselling skills and wish to join our classes.

Due to the requirements of our accrediting bodies, and to ensure students have a certain amount of counselling expertise when working with experiential exercises, the Foundational Counselling Skills course is for people who are entering the Graduate Diploma, Masters or two year Specialist Training Program who haven't had previous counselling skills training.

What does the FCS look like?

The FCS is a 7-week online program working with the Micro Skills of counselling, assessments and a two day online workshop. The workshops often take place in the 2 days prior to the Specialist Training / Graduate Diploma or Masters intensives.

Graduate Diploma (GDC) and Masters (MCP) Courses

Where are your Intensive classes held?

We hold our Intensives face to face at the University of Wollongong – Moss Vale campus, unless Covid restrictions force us to hold Intensives online.

Is this course approved by PACFA or TEQSA?

Both the 1 year Graduate Diploma (GDC) course and 2 year Masters course (MCP) are TEQSA accredited higher education courses. More information can be found on our Accreditation page.

Specialist Training Courses (STP)

What accreditation do I get at the end of my study? Is this course approved by HEC or VET?

The Specialist Training in Holistic Counselling (one-year course) has Specialist accreditation with PACFA. However, completion of the one-year course does not automatically give graduates eligibility for PACFA membership and register listing. Graduates can combine other counselling courses with their Specialist Training course to be eligible for membership and register listing via the RPL pathway. 

The Specialist Training in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy (two-year course) has Specialist accreditation with PACFA. Graduates are eligible to apply to PACFA for membership and register listing via the Equivalent Training or RPL pathway. 

Student membership of PACFA is highly recommended.   

Go to the PACFA Eligibility webpage for further information. 

Where are your Intensive classes held?

We hold our Intensives face to face at the Harmony Centre in Mittagong. Community style accommodation is also available at the Centre.

Holistic Counselling Skills (HCS) and Foundational Counselling Skills (FCS) Courses

You say that the Holistic Counselling Skills (HCS) Program is predominantly online. Does this mean I can start at any date?

At this stage we start the HCS twice a year, as the program requires teacher input for each stage. The timeline we have allows our teaching staff to manage their other teaching commitments.

Do I get regular feedback on my study?

If you are studying the Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate course you will receive regular feedback via the online forum.

What accreditation do I get at the end of my study?

The Holistic Counselling Skills is a certificate course and does not have industry accreditation. Professional development hours are available upon completion.

Am I able to pick and choose the phases I do in the Holistic Counselling Skills (HCS) course

You can do the HCS by phase, however Phase one is required before doing Phase Three. Phase one and two can be done by themselves.

The Holistic Counselling Skills is a certificate course and does not have industry accreditation. Professional Development Hours are available.

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