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What is it like to study at Metavision?

Are you thinking of joining us in 2022 but have questions about what to expect?

Deanne Reyes, our Student Liaison, is a Metavision graduate and has been supporting students on their journey with Metavision for close to a decade. We asked her to answer some common questions from prospective students and to share some insights into what it’s like to study at Metavision.


Navigating Difficult Times

How do we remain connected and balanced in our relationships, while making rewarding use of our time in the face of COVID restrictions, and recovering from the effects of natural disasters and other difficulties?


Meet Our Students: Kirsten Maclean

Soon to be graduate of Metavsion, Kirsten of @cyclesofwoman Is a psychotherapist, coach and group facilitator, Kirsten holds a safe and sacred space for holistic healing. Fiercely compassionate and inclusive, Kirsten utilises deep listening and somatic awareness to facilitate her client's journeys to greater self-awareness and transformation.