2022 Enrolments Open and new Professional Development courses

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2022 Enrolments Open

The Metavision Institute has been busy working on some exciting new developments in the lead up to 2022. This includes freshening up our course offerings for 2022 on our new website.

We’re so excited to be taking enrolments for:

Professional Development with Dr Steven Segal

Sign up for Dr Steven Segal’s The Therapist's Journey, on Friday 26 November and Saturday 27 November, 9am to 1pm

Becoming a therapist takes courage and an active commitment to self-reflection and self-awareness. Why? Because with each therapeutic encounter you take a leap into the unknown. This is the way of the apprentice and their unfolding journey towards becoming a master (self-actualisation). So, how do we manage our expectations of ourselves along the way? The Metavision Institute’s Dr Steven Segal will guide you through the various stages of therapist development: from being a beginner, to being an advanced beginner, to then developing competence, then proficiency, and eventually expertise.

Our New Website

A huge thank you to Sam Minton and Reece Jones for all of their hard work in developing and designing our new, fresh-faced website. Take a look at www.metavision.edu.au

Our New Instagram Account

Check out and follow our new Instagram account for the latest updates, inspirations and stories from the Metavision Institute community.


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