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Dr Geoff Berry - Is Nature Calling?

Advanced Ecotherapy Certificate

We all know something has gone wrong with our relationship to nature. There is also growing evidence that when we feel connected to nature, our wellbeing improves. This makes so much sense, but what do we do about it? Dr Geoff Berry, the Australian Representative to the International Ecopsychology Society (IES), offers an answer with his new course, which introduces members of the public and practitioners to the world of ecotherapy.

“Ecotherapy offers the core qualities we are instinctively looking for,” says Geoff. “These include deepening connection, creating relationships with nature, and learning from our kin in the animal and poland worlds, even from the elements.” Geoff sees incredible results in this work, from initial sessions to longer term. “People benefit from even one session in nature, when they are guided to become more mindful of how their awareness can be enhanced with simple breathing and focusing exercises,” he enthuses.

Geoff has seen such improvements across all spheres of life, as deeper connection to nature positively affects physical and mental health, as well as supporting emotional wellbeing and spiritual growth. The Advanced Certificate in Ecotherapy at Metavision Institute runs over 6 months, to deliver on all these promises and more. The course includes a fully paid for immersive retreat in the Noosa hinterland, as well as monthly classes, study groups, supportive feedback and a shared commitment to the Temenos, or sacred space, which forms the container for the work.

Monthly Modules include Ancestral Wisdom, Depth Psychology, working safely with trauma, Neuroplasticity and such diverse topics as initiation, ritual and a sense of belonging. The course is offered on two levels, one for the public, who are invited to experience Ecotherapy for themselves, and another for practitioners, who are immersed in the same core experiences but are also offered additional classes and assessments designed to ensure they are confident in offering Ecotherapy to their clients.

For more information, see the course page.