Advanced Holistic Ecotherapy

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Mixed-mode, intensives and online study

Advanced Holistic Ecotherapy

Course Coordinator: Geoff Berry

In this course, which builds upon the Introductory Ecotherapy course offered by Geoff Berry in 2021, participants will be asked to ‘front up’ to the spirit of nature in the most immediate and interactive way.

What happens when we take notice of nature as if it were speaking to us? What messages will we get and how will we know they are not just our own inner longing calling back to us? How do we tell the difference between earth spirit and ego? Along with deepening awareness of, and connection to, the elements of nature, Geoff guides participants to open themselves as much as they can allow, to see what appears.

Participants will add new skills to their existing counselling or psychotherapy practice, or develop their beginner’s skills to the next level, enabling them to practice Ecopsychotherapy with others.

*NB: Metavision Online Course “Introduction to Holistic Ecotherapy” is a prerequisite for this course.

Course Faculty

Course Coordinator

Geoff Berry

PhD, MA, BA (Hons), Cert IV TAE

April 2022 - Dates TBC