Holistic Counselling Skills

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Holistic Counselling Skills

Course Coordinator: Deanne Reyes

Unlock Your Potential: Mastering Holistic Communication for Personal and Professional Success

The Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate course provides an insightful introduction to Counselling and Communication skills, grounded in Metavision’s Holistic Worldview. Ideal for those considering a journey into counselling, holistic counselling, or holistic psychotherapy, this certificate course is designed to enhance your communication skills, both professionally and personally.

Key Highlights:

  • Effective Communication: Acquire the tools to become a proficient communicator, applicable to both professional and personal contexts.
  • Holistic Lens: Embrace a holistic perspective, fostering not only effective communication but also nurturing self-awareness throughout the course.
  • Enriched Life: Cultivate and refine your communication skills from a holistic standpoint, enriching your life experiences in both work and personal spheres.

Two-Day Online Workshop: As a special addition to the course, we offer a two-day online workshop on Sat 6th and Sun 7th of July. The first day will delve into the theoretical foundations, providing valuable insights into the Micro Skills of counselling through a holistic lens. The second day is dedicated to practical application in breakout rooms, allowing you to actively engage and implement your newfound knowledge.

Versatile Applicability: The skills honed in this course are not only beneficial for those pursuing counselling professions but apply to various careers and interpersonal contexts. Whether you are in business, education, healthcare, or any other field, these communication skills are valuable assets.

Career Pathways:

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy: An excellent foundation for those aspiring to pursue a career in Counselling or Psychotherapy. The training serves as an entry pathway to our PACFA Accredited Professional in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, even for individuals with no prior counselling skills.
  • Holistic Approach Integration: Ideal for professionals in mental health or helping professions seeking to incorporate a more holistic approach into their existing work.

Professional Development (PD) Points: Upon successful completion of the course, including the two-day workshop, you will receive additional Professional Development (PD) points, further enhancing the value of your learning experience.

Embark on this transformative journey, where effective communication meets holistic wisdom, and discover the potential within yourself and your relationships.

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Phase 1 begins 13th June 2024


Full Course Fees

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Full Course Fee $3,275
Application Fee / Deposit $175 + credit card transaction fee 2.3%

Course Dates 2024

Each Phase consists of 7 weeks
Phase Start Finish
1 June 13th, 2024 August 1st, 2024
2 August 8th, 2024 September 26th, 2024
3 October 3rd, 2024 November 21st, 2024

The Course is Taught in Three Phases

Each Phase Builds on the Previous Phase

We have structured the course into three phases. Each phase is complete within itself and if you wanted to, you are able to study Phase One and/or Phase Two on their own as they cover very specific subject matter.

  • The phase subjects that we have listed below will be covered in your program.
  • 7 weeks per Phase x 3 Phases = 21 Weeks total.
  • E-Learning, home study, and optional attendance to a two-day online workshop with your study peers.
  • Assessments conducted throughout the Phases.

Phase One Emotional Intelligence and Foundational Counselling Skills

  • Deep listening and what it really means.
  • Presence, what does it mean to be there for another?
  • Foundational Skills of Counselling
  • Reflective listening and empathy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Skillful use of questions
  • Shaping a healing conversation

Phase Two Effective Communication in the Workplace

  • Noticing Tensions, trouble spots and difficulties.
  • Confidentiality, gossip and alliances.
  • Power dynamics and rank
  • Working with conflict I
  • Working with conflict II
  • Inner Conflict
  • Enhancing teamwork

Phase Three Applying Counselling and Communication Skills to Life

  • Applying the skills, the wisdom within
  • Counselling Skills Development
  • Developing your natural writing voice
  • Non violent communication - further tools
  • Metaskills, your unique way of being
  • Embracing diversity
  • Claiming accomplishment

You will emerge from this training with:

  • People Skills that will enable you to meet the difficulties that work and life present us
  • Deep listening skills
  • The skills to beome an effective communicator through empathy
  • Self-awareness and reflective practices
  • An understanding of the holistic approach
  • Confidence in your personal and professional communication practices

A Journey to Enrich your Life and Your Practice

This course is ideal for individuals, or alternative holistic therapists who want to enrich their lives and practice by learning basic counselling skills from a holistic point of view.

We aim to awaken:

Intuition, Imagination, Inspiration
From the very beginning and all throughout the course you will be able to apply your learning to your life and work.
HCS is ideal for people working with people; social service providers, nurses, teachers, complimentary health therapists, small business, team members, managers.


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  4. Upon receipt of payment, you will be enrolled
  5. Login details will be sent for access to the course introduction on our online learning platform the week prior to the course beginning
  6. Course content for each week will be made available each Thursday

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The 'people skills' you learn will give you a foundation of knowledge for dealing with difficulties frequently encountered in all sorts of workplace dramas.

Meet Deanne Reyes

HCS Facilitator & Teacher

After graduating from the Metavision course in 2011, Deanne continued on as a teaching assistant, growing into the role of Student Liaison for all Metavision courses, she is also an integral part of the team within the Metavision hub as student liaison and runs her own private practice.

With a background in management within the Biomedical equipment industry, Deanne's decision to change careers was based on experiences throughout her life that were not always within her control. This is a common theme with a lot of the students that seek to study with Metavision due to the transformative nature of the course. Her passion for communication and in particular, the Metavision Model has helped her transition from her previous career into her current role where she embodies this model while working with people from all walks of life.

Deanne teaches the Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate under Christina's mentorship and also presents the two-day Foundational Counselling Skills workshop.

Open to anyone who wants to make a difference.

No prior knowledge of counselling required.

The Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate provides an excellent combination of study approaches to meet the needs of the modern world.

You will complete the vast majority of your study online via our Moodle E-Learning Platform.  This platform has all the tools to keep you in contact with your peers, tutors, and the Metavision community. 

We believe personal interaction is an important part of your study. From the beginning, we work to connect you with your peers in the course to allow for collaboration and connection in respect to the content. This is an important part of adult learning and greatly improves familiarity with the subject.

The course content is delivered on a weekly basis building your skills each week. A typical week will involve the following resources:

  • Teaching podcast
  • Teaching video
  • YouTube clips
  • Reading material
  • 1 or 2 Exercises to be worked on during the week
  • Zoom meetings

The exercises are varied with an emphasis on experiential learning. They are designed to enhance your engagement with the content, to develop self-reflective practices, and to learn collaboratively.  You will find the assessments highly relevant and easily applied to your everyday life. Once you have completed your work, you are encouraged to share in the online forum where you will receive weekly feedback.

Language: English

Time Zone: Australian Eastern Standard time (GMT+10)


Join the vibrant Metavision community and continue your path of evolution with us.