Holistic Ecotherapy

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Holistic Ecotherapy

Course Coordinator: Geoff Berry

Find your place in nature - and feel empowered with connection

  • Deepen your connection to nature
  • Expand your sense of self as an ecological citizen in relation to all your kin
  • Explore an expanded sense of self, in a real way that can be integrated into your everyday life
  • Practice deep listening - get to know the voice of nature within & without
  • Learn from animal and plant totems, guides and spirits

Session 1: Wednesday 10 November, 7.00 - 8.30pm AEDT
Session 2: Wednesday 17 November, 7.00 - 8.30pm AEDT
Session 3: Wednesday 24 November, 7.00 - 8.30pm AEDT

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*NB 1:
For those interested in this course and making enquiries about having missed the start of it:

Registration is still open.
New students are directed to the recordings of the first session and invited to join us for Session 2 this Wednesday 17 November.

*NB 2:
This course forms the
prerequisite for the Advanced Course, Holistic Ecopsychotherapy, April 2022
which is designed for those already practising holistic counselling or psychotherapy and who want to add Ecotherapy to their offerings.



$150 for three part seminar (current Metavision students) 

$180 for three part seminar (others) 



Session Date Time (AEDT)
1 Wednesday 10 November 7.00 - 8.30pm
2 Wednesday 17 November 7.00 - 8.30pm
3 Wednesday 24 November 7.00 - 8.30pm


Introductory Online Course

  • Three sessions of 1.5 hours each on Wednesday evenings 7-8.30pm. (AEDT)
  • Dates: Wednesday 10, 17 & 24 November
  • Cost: Public $180; Currently enrolled students $150
  • Open to the public; designed for anyone interested in creating or deepening their relationship with nature.

All Holistic Ecotherapy Course Sessions include:

  • Acknowledgement of Country
  • Welcome to Self
  • Co-creating a safe and sacred space for the work; vulnerability and confidence
  • Stories of connection to and relationship with nature
  • Nature Meditations (new one each session)

The Introductory Online Course forms a Pre-Requisite for the Advanced Certificate in Holistic Ecopsychotherapy to be held in early 2022

Session 1 Wednesday 10 November, 7.00 - 8.30pm (AEDT)

  • Finding your place, a special spot to commune with nature daily, so that you can deepen your understanding of yourself as an ecological citizen
  • exploring an expanded sense of self in a real way that can be integrated into your everyday life
  • developing mindfulness in nature, learning how to bring a meditative quality to your personal ecotherapy practice

Session 2 Wednesday 17 November, 7.00 - 8.30pm (AEDT)

  • Deep Listening – to nature and to each other, so that we get beyond the monkey mind, which chatters incessantly within
  • differentiating between ego and spirit, socialised self and the expanded eco-self
  • hearing the voice of nature with clarity and confidence

Session 3 Wednesday 24 November, 7.00 - 8.30pm (AEDT)

  • Learning from the animals and plants we share this planet with, so that you can recognise yourself in relation to your kin
  • exploring your totems, guides and spirits
  • developing and deepening your connections to nature within and without, on earth and beyond



Dr Geoffrey Berry received his PhD (Monash University 2010) for a thesis that explored the human relationship with nature through exploration of light as a metaphor for consciousness. He also completed an MA (Deakin University 2005) on dreams and mythology. Geoff is currently lead faculty and Course Coordinator for Metavision’s Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Holistic Psychotherapy and the Australian Representative to the International Ecopsychology Society. Geoff is editor of PAN: Philosophy Activism Nature and lectures in Eco-Psychotherapy for the Ikon Institute. He served as Chairperson of the Melbourne Zen Group (2005-2008) and more recently as the inaugural CEO of the South Coast NSW Aboriginal Elders group (2019-2020). He regularly presents and publishes on ecotherapy, myth and symbol, and blogs at www.naturecalling.org