Traversing the Rainbow

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Mixed-mode, intensives and online study

Traversing the Rainbow

Course Coordinator: Deanne Reyes

A Process-Oriented Approach to Working with Altered States

This 3-part series, facilitated by Elsa Henderson, will focus on learning to work with altered states and uncovering the resources they contain.

We each hold the ability to experience a variety of states of consciousness, from the mundane to the profound. Altered states are those that deviate from our normal or accepted state of consciousness. Each state is an opportunity to discover something new about ourselves which supports our innate wholeness.

If you are an awareness explorer who is curious about mystical or creative experiences or if you’re seeking a more fluid and dynamic way of being and working, then this class is for you.

Our new professional development branch is overseen by Deanne Reyes and includes short courses and workshops for alumni, registered therapists and others who are interested to learn more about the Metavision approach.

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Elsa Henderson

MA and Diplomate in Process-Oriented Psychology; BA in Anthropology

Starting May 2022 - dates TBC