The Metavision Institute has grown out of the need to heal the effects of living in a fragmented world—made starkly visible in the rapidly rising statistics regarding mental ill health.

To start, we see the universe as sacred, with laws that govern and connect everything. To see the human being through the lens of eco-spirituality, soul and body awareness and as a part of a sacred universe helps to heal despair, depression, isolation and alienation. Empowering one's place in the scheme of things, giving purpose and meaning—even in the face of the most difficult situations.

The unique combination of skills that form the basis of the Professional Training in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy have arisen from many years of searching, studying and applying holistic approaches to these very issues by the Metavision Institute's founder Dr Christina Nielsen (Chinese Medicine).

Our vision

Evolving consciousness through Holistic Education for the betterment of Humankind

Our Mission

The Metavision Institute is dedicated to transdisciplinary holistic education that enhances human potential in the co-evolution of nature, culture and society in sustainable ways.


The Metavision courses have developed from the initiative of Christina Nielsen, arising from her clinical experience and ongoing study over the past 40 years. The impetus to offer training courses in Bowral arose from suggestions by students of Christina's from another Psychotherapy course when they attended an open day for the recently (2001) established Bundaroo Centre for Natural Health.

The focus on holistic health is developed through combinations of practices and disciplines, such as Social Work, Acupuncture and the Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner and Process work of Arnold Mindell. This combination is consolidated by a deepening of knowledge and understanding of both psychological and natural and traditional health.

The term Metavision arose from work Christina Nielsen has been engaged in for many years at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney by bringing “Supervision” to a small group of junior medical doctors in the palliative care unit. The term supervision did not seem to fit the model that was being developed so the term Metavision was coined. The term means looking above, below and around, in fact broadly and holistically. It seemed a good term for training in counselling and psychotherapy that includes a high degree of self-awareness and reflectivity, together with a perception of the human condition in its fullness.

The Metavision Institute today sees students from all over Australia and some overseas countries and from diverse backgrounds. This is a far cry from its initial year in February 2004 in which the intake was a modest number of nine students. It is the positive feedback from the students that has kept the course going and thriving. The undergraduate and post graduate level courses have been accredited with PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) the peak body for the industry of counselling and psychotherapy. Graduates are taking the holistic world view and counselling and psychotherapy skills out into their communities in diverse and unique ways.

With over 200 graduates now the Metavision Institute has earnt itself a great reputation as Australia's leading specialists provider of therapeutic training utilising holistic education methods.

For more from the Founder, Christina Nielsen see her interview with Dr David Russell.