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Peer Learning

Peer learning is central to the Metavision Institute. Students are organised into groups at their first intensive, and we encourage peer groups to maintain contact on a weekly basis to discuss their assignments, readings, research and share learning experiences.

Peer learning offers students support and allows them to formulate their own questions, discuss issues, explain their viewpoints, and engage in cooperative learning.

In-Class Handouts

In class handouts are frequently used to contextualise discussion and course content. This is an important way to bring wider discussion to the core content and help students understand the complex relationships at play in what we teach

Study Assistants

Study Assistants are available throughout intensives on a one-to-one basis and during classes. They are also available throughout the year to help with the home study program and any issues that may arise during the course. Students are encouraged to make use of this valuable resource.

The Library

The Metavision Institute Library has a good selection of books that are available for loan to students throughout the year. We do carry all of the books on the reading list but recommend students to purchase their own for use during the extended home study periods and for their ongoing reference.

Students are encouraged to contact the Library if you have any requests or needs during your study.

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