The Therapist’s Journey

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Professional Development


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2 Days

The Therapist’s Journey

Course Coordinator: Steven Segal

Transforming from Novice to Expertise Towards Self and Professional Mastery

With Dr Steven Segal
(Associate Dean, Metavision Institute)

Join Steven Segal for 2 mornings Friday 26th & Saturday 27th November

Being a therapist takes courage and an active commitment to self-reflection and self-awareness. Why? Because with each therapeutic encounter you take a leap into the unknown. This is the way of the apprentice and their unfolding journey towards becoming a master (self-actualisation). So, how do we manage our expectations of ourselves along the way?

The Metavision Institute’s Dr Steven Segal will guide practising therapists, students and recent graduates through the various stages of therapist development: from being a beginner, to being an advanced beginner, to developing competence, then proficiency, and eventually expertise. What can we expect of ourselves through each of these stages? What are the common challenges of being a therapist? And what coping resources can we draw upon?

Steven will highlight that being a therapist is not only an individual challenge, but a process challenge. Just as a child must go through certain stages of development, so must the therapist. This program provides therapists with a framework and set of skills for developing excellence and practical wisdom in being a therapist.

“To venture causes anxiety, but not to venture is to lose one’s self ... and to venture in the highest sense is precisely to become conscious of one’s self.” Kierkegaard



  • $320 (general public)
  • $120 (currently enrolled Metavision students)


Date Start AEDT Finish AEDT
Friday 26 November 2021 9am 1pm
Saturday 27 November 2021 9am 1pm

A short interview with Dr Segal by Deanne Reyes, covering the upcoming seminar, and Steven's personal journey from beginner to advanced practitioner.


Who is this training for?

  • Practicing therapists
  • Students and recent graduates

Topics Include

  1. Developing a mind map for understanding the journey of professional development as a psychotherapist
  2. Dreyfus and Dreyfus’s (1980) model of the professional development journey
  3. Setting realistic expectations for the therapeutic journey 
  4. Understanding the challenges of professional development 
  5. Developing effective habits of therapeutic practice
  6. Learning how to learn from experience
  7. Developing an authentic therapeutic voice and identity

About Dr Steven Segal

Associate Dean

Dr Steven Segal is a registered and practicing psychologist. He is also recognised internationally for his work in philosophical counselling. He currently holds the position of Associate Dean, Metavision Institute. He also runs a private practice as a psychologist and psychotherapist. He was an Associate Professor of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University where he lectured, conducted research, and developed an approach to executive coaching and psychotherapy called “Existential Executive Coaching”. He is the author of two books which look at the role of existential psychology and philosophy in leadership and management. He is the co-editor of a third book called “Face to Face with Management Practice.” He has published over thirty peer reviewed journal articles.

Steven’s approach to psychology, therapy and teaching emerged not only out of formal studies but out of his own experience of working through mental health issues as a client and as a therapist. Anxiety overwhelmed and bewildered him in his early adult years. The more he worked through his lived experience of anxiety, the more anxiety became a source of meaning, purpose, and direction in life. Steven sums up his experience with a quote from the existential philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, who said that “Whoever is educated by anxiety is educated by possibility.”